Album // Tommy Guerrero – Road to Knowhere [Too Good]

Tommy Guerrero - Road to Knowhere

Limited edition of Tommy Guerrero’s new album!

Tommy Guerrero, the legendary Skateboarder and talented musician, just released a new album called “Road to Knowhere”, a revised version of “The Endless Road” that came out only in Japan, with few new tunes (4 out of 11). The first pressing of 450 vinyls has been released mainly through Amazon (US) and local Bay Area shops. A second pressing has been launched for 500 vinyls. It is still uncleared if those pressings will differ somehow.
The album is once again a pure gift with gems such as Los Padres, White Sands, El Camino Negro and Sidewalk Soul.  Modern Ethio-Jazz made in California, where laid-back rhythms take you to new horizons or as Tommy Guerrero said:  “I tend to take different paths each musical outing but this one is for the long haul, the one for the blue highways and forgotten byways. It’s the one to get lost to. It’s about the journey, not the destination”. And yes, he nailed it once again, the perfect soundtrack to an endless road. Grab a copy immediately!

Label: Too Good

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Video: Tommy Guerrero – Los Padres

Video: Tommy Guerrero – White Sands