Album // Marina P & Stand High Patrol – Summer on Mars [Stand High Records]


When the Italian singer Marina P meets Stand High Patrol at the production!

Marina P and Stand High Patrol have released “Summer on Mars” on November 9th.

What is the recipe for a delicious album? Easy, you take the melodious voice and lyrics of Marina P, you let Pupajim at the production and you make Stand High Patrol mix the whole.

The prospect of having Stand High Patrol, after their impressive debut and sophomore albums (Midnight walkers, A matter of scale), and Marina P, who has been killing it with her appearances on Mungo’s Hifi projects (Divorce à l’Italienne, Mama was right) and her cover of Wendy Rene I wish I were that girl, collaborating on a new album was both thrilling and ambitious. The least we can say is that they did not deceive us. You will be surprised by the tone of the album, dub/future soul, quite different from the usual Dubadub of Stand High Patrol and darker than the previous works of Marina P.

Raw Lines and Dreamcatcher (featuring Pupajim) are definitely the highlights of this album.  Check the videos below!

Where to buy it:

Video: Marina P & Stand High Patrol – Dreamcatcher

Marina P & Stand High Patrol – Raw Lines