Album // Peter Cat Recording Co – Bismillah [Panache]

Peter Cat Recording Co - Bismillah

From Dehli to Paris. Peter Cat Recording Co released a new album called “Bismillah”!

Thanks to the talent of the band and the flair of the French label Panache, The New Dehli five piece band is starting to get more visibility and recognition and the least we can say is that it is heavily deserved. After “Portrait of A time: 2010-2016”, their first release on Panache, which was a compilation of their first works with beauties such as Copulations, Love demons, Clown on the 22nd floor and Portrait of a time. Peter Cat Recording Co is back with a new album called “Bismillah” released a month ago.

Heera, I’m this, Soulless Friends, Floated by or the groovy Memory Box are pure gems where you can only let yourself get carried away and Panache smoothly added a vinyl-only bonus track with “We’regettingmarried” on this 2xLP + CD gatefold edition. Now go grab a copy of “Bismillah” and get “Portrait of A time: 2010-2016” too, while you’re at it and it is still available, you won’t regret it.

On a side note, the video clip of Floated by below has been recorded at the wedding of the singer Suryakant Sawhney.

Where to buy it:  Bandcamp

Check the videos below!

Video: Peter Cat Recording Co – Floated by // Peter Cat Recording Co – Soulless friends