Album // Neon Nox – Syndicate Shadow [New Retro Wave] Limited edition

Debut album from Swedish Synthwave producer – Ltd clear edition of 200 copies!

Synthwave is getting out of the Retro closet. Car rides, 80s movies and video games, white sand beaches, you’re thinking about Sweden, right? No? Maybe you will from now on. The Swedish Producer Neon Nox got his debut album released yesterday on a limited edition of 200 copies. After the release of the first single/bomb Farheinheit a few days ago, expectations were high. Apart from the cheesy Repeatedly, expectations are met. The Target, Assassination and The Rise of The Hero definitely stand out.

Grab a copy while you can!

Label: New Retro Wave

Where to buy it: Bandcamp

Video: Neon Nox – Fahrenheit

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