L’impératrice – Sonate Pacifique // Repress

Thanks to Record Store Day, Sonate Pacifique’s EP just got repressed!

While their debut album “Matahari” has been released two months ago, their first EP Sonate Pacifique has just been repressed.

If you don’t like to spend a fortune on Discogs to get the original, I would suggest you rush on Bigwax to get your copy immediately for a must-have of nu-disco.

Check below “A view to kill” from Sonate Pacifique:

For the ones interested in their debut album, Matahari is also available via Bigwax. The album is definitely more pop than their previous work but you’ll still find some gems in it such as “Là Haut”:

Label: Microqlima

Where: via Bigwax