Album // Skinshape – Filoxiny [Lewis Recordings]


Limited white edition of 400 of Skinshape’s fourth album!

Will Dorey Aka Skinshape is back with his fourth album called “Filoxiny” released on the 30th of November, 2018 for the vinyl version. The London based composer, multi-instrumentalist and producer has been really active in those last years. Apart from his solo project, Will Dorey is also the bassist of the band Palace and the founder of Horus Records, a reggae label.
Since his debut album called “Skinshape” in 2014, Skinshape has impressed us on each one of his projects, thanks to his trademark: psychedelic and airy instrumentals. Gifted musicians, Skinshape offers us once again eight slow-groove gems.
Definitely, a must-have in your collection. There are few versions of this album on vinyl: black standard vinyl, signed version of black vinyl and the limited white edition of 400 all of them available on his Bandcamp.

Where to buy it: Bandcamp

Check the videos below!

Video: Skinshape – I didn’t know

Video: Skinshape – After midnight