1st time on wax // Mop Mop – Kiss of Kali [Infracom!]

Mop Mop - Kiss of Kali

For the ten years anniversary of Mop Mop’s second album called “Kiss of Kali”, INFRACom! decided to release it for the first time on vinyl in a limited edition of 500 copies.

Great news for Jazz fusion’s fans, Infracom! has released the first pressing of “Kiss of Kali”, the second long length album of Mop Mop for his ten years anniversary. And they know how to treat us as this limited pressing of 500 copies received a special vinyl mastering for a great analog sound.

Apart from Andrea Benini, the Italian producer behind Mop Mop, the album features a list of more than 20 brilliant artists among which latin piano player and composer Alex Trebo, vibraphone player Pasquale Mirra, trombonist Gianluca Petrella, Jazz singer Alan Farrington, and the English singer Robina Veda.

Each song is a clear step inside Mop Mop’s influences: jazz music with Afro and Latin flavors. A must-have in your collection!

Label:  INFRACom!

Artwork by: Gianni Rossi

Where to buy it: Bandcamp

Check below the song Soul Call and the making of from the studio session.

Video: Mop Mop – Soul Call

Video: Making of Studio Sessions

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