Album // Agar Agar – The dog and the future [Cracki Records]


After an astonishing first EP, the French duo get his first full length released on a double 12″ tomorrow on Cracki Records!

The French duo Agar Agar just released their first album on Cracki Records on the 28th of September.
It will be available on wax this Friday, 05th of October via Bigwax. Cracki Records is probably one of our favorite French independent labels.
They have been discovering and promoting beautiful and eclectic artists such as Isaac Delusion and L’impératrice among others.
Their brilliant EP “Cardan” in 2016, has been acclaimed by both critics and public. Easy to understand once you’ve listened to Prettiest Virgin and I’m that guy.

The duo composed by the minimalist electro/acid disco groove of Armand along with the precious voice of Clara.
The album is split in two parts, the Dog and the Carpet.
While The dog is made for the scene with catchy songs (Fangs Out, The Dog and the Carpet), the second part called The Carpet is more pop with sweet ballads such as Gigi Song and Requiem.

Check the videos below!

Label: Cracki Records

Artwork by: Keith Rankin

Where to buy it: Bigwax

Video: Agar Agar- Fangs out

Video: Agar Agar – The Dog and The Carpet