Album // Jr Thomas & The Volcanos – Rockstone [Colemine Records]

Jr Thomas & The Volcanos - Rockstone

Following the beautiful “Beware”, Jr Thomas and the Volcanos are back with “Rockstone”. Magic is still here! Limited and Numbered edition!

Junior Thomas and The Volcanos released today their second album on Colemine records in a beautiful orange vinyl limited and foil-numbered edition of 1000.

When you’re listening to Junior Thomas and The Volcanos, you’re traveling through time. Back to Jamaica in the late 60s, when Rocksteady emerged with artists such as Alton Ellis and Ken Boothe for the most famous ones. It is hard to believe their songs are from actual California. The first time I’ve listened to their first album “Beware”, each song was a classic, It seems I knew them for all my life.  I fell in love. The sweet and melancholic voice of  Junior Thomas (Leader of Dropsteppers) along with Brian Dixon (Aggrolites) and some of the finest reggae-ska musicians of the Californian scene (Chiquis Lozoya, Dan Boyer, Scott Abels, and Zac Pike) deliver once again a masterpiece, an anachronism in the actual reggae scene.

I can’t recommend you enough to jump on this record and if you haven’t got it yet, get a copy of their first album  “Beware”.

I leave you with Tom McDowall aka Jr. Thomas words: “I could write a musical love letter to all things I loved: my wife, my family, my friends, my band mates. I could write a song to tell me to Chin Up when times got tough. I could give gratitude to the Jamaican artists that paved the way for the beautiful music we now call reggae. I could write a song about what it’s like to lose someone important to you. Or write a song to invigorate me spiritually. Music is healing and that’s the best therapy there is for me.” (www.

Where to buy it:

Colemine Records


Check the videos below!

Video: Jr Thomas and The Volcanos – What a Shame

Video: Jr Thomas and The Volcanos – Chin Up