Hidden Gems // Blue Lab Beats – Xover [AllPoints]

Blue Lab Beats - Xover

A precious debut album from the London based duo!

Blue Lab Beats’ debut album called “Xover” has been released end of March ( 30th) on vinyl. The London based duo is composed by NK-OK and Mr.DM. The album is a brilliant mix between Jazz, Electronic music and hip-hop. They have managed to create their own identity with laid-back tracks such as Piña Colada and Pineapple along with more urban ones such as Sam Cooke & Marvin Gaye.

We’ll keep a close eye on their upcoming project. In the meantime, grab a copy of “Xover” while you can

Where to buy it: Juno

Video: Blue Lab Beats – Pineapple

Video: Blue Lab Beats – Piña Colada