1st time on wax // The Architect – Foundations [X-Ray Production]


The Architect, one of the two minds behind L’Entourloop finally gets a proper vinyl release of his debut EP called “Foundations”!

The French producer The Architect finally gets his first EP released on wax for the first time thanks to X-Ray Production (L’entourloop, Biga Ranx, La Yegros…).

The Architect mixes Swing, Electro, Ragga (Dreader than dread), trip-hop (The earth is my witness, Les pensées) and hip hop (Design of the future) in the pure line of Chinese Man or L’Entourloop, one of his projects along with Deej’o. Originally released in 2013, some songs have become hits on the streaming platforms such as Dreader than Dread and Les pensées. 

We’ll probably hear more from the Architect during 2019, with a new album coming up this year, but in the meantime, let’s enjoy his classic!

Label:  X-Ray Production

Where to buy it: X-Ray shop, Bandcamp

Check the videos below: Les pensées // Dreader than dread (feat Skarra Mucci)

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