Tales of Another Direction Vol 2 – Melting Records

Melting Pot Records is back with the second volume of “Tales of Another Direction”.

The greek label has selected some major producers such as Kognitif, Hashfinger, Keno (Renegade of Jazz) and Skinshape along with newcomers. The 11 unreleased tracks on this compilation will make you travel from Trip Hop to Downtempo.

Special mention to Skinshape (bassist of “Palace”), whom, once again, shows his great talent.

I can’t share this record without mentioning the beautiful artwork done once again from Kanellos COB (www.kanelloscob.com).

Get a grab on this limited edition of 450 records while you can. You won’t regret it.

Where to buy it:
  • Tracklist:

   A1 Screenatorium – Flyentists // 3:59

   A2 Keno – Deep Water // 4:35

   A3 Kognitif – Flamant Rose // 3:26

   A4 Skinshape, Jon Moody – Oboe Diddly // 4:00

   A5 smallFall, Vassilina – Phoenix // 4:12

   B1 Niles Philips – Growth Strategies // 5:47

   B2 Madball Scientists – Sometimes It’s Voodoo // 3:11

   B3 Billa Qause, Mononome – Primeira Sessão // 4:05

   B4 El Jazzy Chavo – N’ It Goes Like That // 3:02

   B5 Hashfinger – Everything // 2:16

   B6 Gustavsite – Thoughts (Bonus) // 3:20

Another beautiful compilation of 11 unreleased tracks from Melting Records. Grab it while you can!

Favorite tracks:

  • Oboe Diddly
  • Everything

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