Limes – Fresh Squeezed // 5 Questions to … Limes

A promising debut album from young Canadian producer.

Smooth jazz vibes on Limes’ debut album. Limited edition of 300ex on green transparent vinyl!

Limes’ debut album is out since last week (December 8th) on a limited 300ex edition on green transparent vinyl. After Twit One “Hay Luv” latest album last September and the upcoming album of Vanilla ” Moonlight” getting out next December 15th, we’re living a great time for instrumental hip-hop addicts.

We’ve already seen a few glimpses of his talent thanks to his appearances on Chillhop Essentials Compilations (Winter 2016, Spring 2017 and Summer 2017) and “Raw Cuts”, another compilation from Chillhop Records.

For his first full-length project, we got 11 smooth tracks for any time of the day! Piano, drums, and loops all over. “Fresh squeezed”, a brilliant album with some laid-back songs ( “Jovial”, “Blasé” ), “Heyo” which reminds me of Yusef Rumperfield album “Jazz in Motion” and to finish with Blue, which sweats Hip Hop right from the very first beat.

I contacted Limes with a few questions in order to get to know him better and he kindly got back to me. Enjoy!

5 questions to … Limes:
Vinyldiggers: Could you tell me few words about you? Where are you from in Canada?

Limes: I’m Alex aka ‘Limes’, a 24-year-old beatmaker from Newmarket, Ontario, Canada.

VD: How long have you been producing?

Limes: Since the start of 2016.

VD: How would describe your music?

Limes: I’d describe it shortly as upbeat with long chops or loops.  I’m always digging for something that’s laid back yet has an interesting melody to make that nice crisp loop.

VD: Any inspirations, influencers on your productions?

Limes: I’m actually a big Nujabes head, his music is what got me hooked on listening to beats, and he’s a big reason my beats sound the way they do.  I also searched all over Soundcloud and Bandcamp for beat makers who produced similar types of beats and my love for the genre grew from there. I also have to name MF DOOM, J Dilla, and 9th Wonder.

VD: What are your future projects?

Limes: I’m planning on releasing a second album 100%.  I have no other details for you right now, but just know it’s in the works.

Thanks a lot to Limes for his time! We will definitely keep a good look in his next projects.

  • Tracklist:

A1 Hooplah 02:54
A2 Heyo 03:05
A3 Alright 02:20
A4 Moonbeams 03:24
A5 Blasé 02:57

B1 Marigold 02:01
B2 Bounds 02:42
B3 Another Day 03:06
B4 Burnt Shake 01:28
B5 Jovial 02:24
B6 Blue 01:42

Where to buy it:

A great debut album from Limes! Perfect for any moment of the day. Instrumental jazz hip-hop at its best!

Favorite tracks:

  • Moonbeams
  • Alright