Melanie de Biasio – Lilies

Belgian Jazz singer Melanie de Biasio continues her mission to seduce audiences with “Lilies”, released October 2017.

Compared to her previous album “No deal” which she describes as drum focused (see “The Flow”), Lilies is all about voice: dark, sensual, and captivating.

One can understand this shift better by looking at her (solitary) creative process: “For me, Lilies has a darkness, but it’s also luminous. After my experiences with (previous releases) ‘No Deal’ and ‘Blackened Cities’, I just wanted to retreat to a cave with my Pro-Tools, my computer, and my cheap, 100Euro Shure SM-58 microphone. I could have gone to a big studio, made a big production – but I wanted none of that. I wanted to go back to the seed of creativity, the simplest materials. I was in this room where there was no light, no night or day at all, no heat. Very uncomfortable. But I felt free. I was happy to have this feeling – ‘I don’t need more, I have everything I need here.’”  she explains in her own words.

The nine tracks on the album are elaborate, electrifying works of art in terms of sound, texture, and arrangement.

Melanie de Biasio plays with sonic textures: the undulations of her voice, her breathing, her intent articulations, all create a sensuous ambiance and vivid presence of the artist herself. And all this in a simple, stripped-of-the-un-necessary way.

The title song of the album, “Lilies”, is a perfect example: the piano creates the space in which her voice echoes, sighs, hushes. Her singing “Here I am, lilies at my feet” sneaks up almost unexpectedly, drawing you back in, her articulations of the “t”s at the end of “how sweet” highlighting her physical presence so much that one can easily imagine her tongue lingering on it.

  • Label: Pias
  • Style: Souljazz – Downtempo


A1 – Your Freedom Is The End Of Me
A2 – Gold Junkies
A3 – Lilies
A4 – Let Me Love You
A5 – Sitting In The Stairwell
B1 – Brother
B2 – Afro Blue
B3 – All My Worlds
B4 – And My Heart Goes On

1 – Your Freedom Is The End Of Me
2 – Gold Junkies
3 – Lilies
4 – Let Me Love You
5 – Sitting In The Stairwell
6 – Brother
7 – Afro Blue
8 – All My Worlds
9 – And My Heart Goes On

Where to buy it:
  • Transparent Vinyl Limited edition: LP + CD: HHV

One of the gems you will want to have in your collection.

Favorite track:

  • Lilies