Upcoming album: Blabbermouf - Da Flowin Dutchman  // Hip Hop


Member of Het VerZet and Da Shogunz, Blabbermouf delivers pure boom-bap once again for his new solo project.

His second solo album, “Da flowin Dutchman” will be available on vinyl starting December 15th. All produced by Truffel The Phunky Phaqir (Da Shogunz – Producer) with featuring from his best dudes Ellmatic and Christmaz, Blabbermouf delivers once again a bomb for old-school hip-hop lovers. The artwork is precious and reminds me of the one from Vincent de Boer for Rap Buddhaz (here). Can’t wait to get it mid-December!

Where to preorder it? here.

Check “On Da Rise” (prod. Truffel), preview from “Da Flowin Dutchman” coming out on December, 15th.

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